Korzan Family

Natives of Kimball, South Dakota, Curt and Lorie Korzan have produced one of the finest pheasant hunting Meccas in South Dakota. Lorie, raised on a farm and Curt being the son of a WWII Navy Veteran, turned building contractor, made for a unique experience.

Married in 1981, they now enjoy two sons, Cody and Corbin. Cody has degrees in Architectural Drafting/Building and Business Administration. Corbin has degrees in Graphics/Photography and Business Administration.

Starting from a very young age to present the boys look forward to each Fall in helping to manage and organize day to day business decisions. The greeting of familiar faces with smiles and hearty handshakes, along with the introduction of new fellowships has made their life enjoyable and “PRICELESS.”



In founding our business, we knew we needed to be different, not only in the way we approached business, but more importantly in the way we delivered the service to our customers. Many businesses can write clever, embellishing testimonials about its commitment to customer service excellence and satisfaction, its quite another to actually deliver what you profess.

We have grown together as a FAMILY TEAM with tremendous knowledge and passion of the outdoors and hospitality business. Year around we are all vigorously working to enhance our facility and habitat to make sure that our guests can experience what they anticipated from the moment their hunt was booked.