The Experience


Imagine yourself walking through the lush habitat with your sporting companions and watching the graceful movements of the labs, the field begins to explode with thundering birds taking flight, you shoulder your fine bore shotgun and gently swing with the flight of the bird and watch the spectacular fold as you have just pulled off another fine shot. The final finesse is topped off when the retrieve comes to hand and another is laid in your vest.
At Grand Slam Hunts, our culture is based on understanding the needs of our clients and creating a unique hunting experience that reflects it. Our guides and employees have the skills, philosophies and attributes that reflect those of our clients.

Your morning may begin with a nice workout if you wish in our exercise facility or a steamy fresh shower to awaken you to a new experience.A healthy and hearty breakfast is served to everyone that is so anxiously waiting to allude to the nearby fields that are full of weary ring necks.

Hunter safety and respect of a firearm is of utmost importance to all of us. While at the shooting range hunter safety and etiquette will be schooled in a professional manor to be sure that everyone is comfortable with his or her sporting companion. The proper method of loading and unloading, the blue sky rule, and other important rules are all discussed before we make our trek to the Dakota Prairie.

The Grand Slam Prairie is a place where camaraderie with your wing shooter companion can be very memorable. As our gracious and vigorous British labs work the lush cover of the prairie you will experience thunderous pheasants filling the sky.

We approach another ending of a wonderful day, a relaxing meal is enjoyed while viewing the clips of the days sport that was filmed for your enjoyment. The rest of the evening is for you to compliment a fellow hunter on a memorable day. Many call it HEAVEN and several call it Paradise On The Prairie. It all takes place here at Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts.